Sonia Jimenez is a Colombian born Architect from Saint Thomas University. She has been painting and sketching since her childhood. Since arriving in Australia, she has been continuing painting oils and acrylics while raising her two children. Over the years, she has shown her work in various exhibitions in Australia with very good reception from the judges and public.

Several years ago, just before the birth of her first child, she began hand painting murals on the walls of the baby’s room to make it a creative and playful place. What started as a hobby for her, quickly turned into a request from other families and friends to do the same murals for them.
Mural painting is an affordable way to customise or transform an interior or exterior space. A mural is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is uniquely tailored to the desire of the client as interpreted through the expert hand and eye of the skilled artist.
Her architectural background instilled her to love fine detail and accuracy. She also produces drawings in charcoal mainly portraits and cottages.

Whether you are a home owner, designer, trade professional, architect, owning a child care centre, fitness centre, working in a hospital, you are a potential client Sonia’s service is about connecting you to an interior that reflects exactly how you would like your space to feel.